Energy Savings

Save energy and treat yourself to fresh and healthy rooms with SIMER windows

By installing PVC or ALU-PVC windows in the building, thermal and sound insulation capacity is greatly improved, time consuming and expensive maintenance of the windows is no longer necessary, and their useful life is substantially lengthened.

PVC and ALU-PVC windows are equipped with two or three seals, thus providing exceptional sealing capacity.

The fact that cooking, washing, etc. cause humidity to accumulate in the rooms, is a reminder that rooms should be regularly aired, in order to remove excess humidity and bring fresh air in.

Amount of humidity emitted per hour:

In the spring or summer months, rooms are usually regularly aired, however, this is not the case in winter and during our absence. In such events, tilting of windows is not appropriate, as it causes excessive cooling of rooms in winter, and we loose the heat emitted by heating appliances.

By using thermal insulation glass, we can reduce the thermal losses up to 10 times, resulting in lower energy consumption and lower costs.

To achieve the lowest possible energy losses both in winter (heating) and in summer (air conditioning), correct airing of our homes is also very important. The quickest method for airing the room is to create "draught" for 10-15 minutes, with the windows opened wide. After showering or cooking, additional airing is necessary. During the ventilation, heating or cooling should be turned off, and turned back on after the windows have been closed.



Servisne storitve

V podjetju imamo zagotovljeno tudi posebno službo, ki skrbi za poprodajne aktivnosti in vam je na voljo vedno, kadar potrebujete pomoč ali nasvet. Zagotavljamo vam strokoven in hiter servis. 

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